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Proteomics is the large scale study of the protein complement of a living organism. The Australasian Proteomics Society (APS) aims to promote and facilitate proteomics research and related topics in the Australia and New Zealand. The APS membership is drawn from academic, industry and government laboratories. To assist in the dissemination of knowledge in the field, the APS has been organising an annual meeting in Lorne, Victoria, since 1996. In addition to the Lorne meeting, the APS together with other learned societies co-organises local, national and international meetings within the region, as well as workshops and other forums for the exchange of proteomics advances and techniques. The APS acts a liaison body for communication with state and federal government as well as a central point for the coordination of proteome-related programmes and resources.

Student engagement with the society is strongly encouraged through travelling fellowships, reduced registration rates and SoAPS - Students of Australasian Proteomics Society, a student body which aims to increase communication, broaden the knowledge base and foster collaboration between the student members.


The Aims of APS 

  • organise and manage conferences concerning advances in Proteomics
  • promote proteomics research in Australia and New Zealand
  • act as a liaison body for government exchange
  • facilitate interactions with other local, national and international proteome research bodies
  • promote the national/international exchange of knowledge and research techniques via training fellowships, instructional courses and workshops, including organization and funding for international conferences
  • collect and distribute information on proteome-related programs, projects and technologies as an Australasian resource
  • promote open access to major resources for proteome analysis

Privacy Policy

Federal legislation now requires companies and societies who deal with personal information after the end of 2002 to adopt a privacy policy to protect such information being used for purposes other than intended by the owner of the information.

Society memberships, conferences and meetings, do by their nature, demand the collection of personal and sensitive information and hence the new privacy legislation directly impacts on the operations of the Australasian Proteomics Society (APS) and their members.

APS's privacy policy defines their collection of personal information as a function conducted in their member’s interest and essential for the successful conduct of the member’s normal activities. The essential elements of APS’s policy are:

  • Information is collected from forms filled in by the applicant and is only used for the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Information is recorded on a computer, in a society specific database, which is protected by password from use by any one other than authorised staff. The computer system is protected by firewall from external access and the personal information is not stored on any web-site. 
  • APS commits to only use sensitive information for the reason it was supplied. Credit card information is not stored as part of the individual’s personal details but only used for the transactions authorised by the member. 
  • Information in databases is not sold to any third party interest. 
  • Information is only passed to third party interest when requested by the applicant and only for purposes directly related to: 
    i) the supply of services/products endorsed by or associated with the Australasian Proteomics Society; and
    ii) membership of the Society

Please ensure that you indicate on your new membership application or subscription renewal form that you have clearly read this document and agree with this policy and the use of your personal information by the Australasian Proteomics Society (APS).


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